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Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu (CKP), is an ethno-religious clan of South Asia. It is part of the broader Kayastha community. The CKP's are today concentrated primarily in western Maharashtra. CKP's are known foodies and have amazing cuisine spread of non vegetarian dishes of mutton, chicken and varieties of fish recipes.
Here we are catering you with our best authentic traditional CKP cuisine featuring well known Mutton Sukha, Chicken Sukha, Fish Fry, Kolambichi Khichadi, Sodyachi Khichadi, Walachi Khichadi etc.
As they say 'eating is necessity but cooking is an art', we have come up with rich delicious home cooked recipes with the real blend of CKP spices. So open your tastebud for the flavourful traditional non-vegetarian dishes seasoned with love. You are just a click away and place your order online or call us, because happiness is home cooked
Treat yourself, friends and family from our menu and enjoy the scrumptious meal.

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